POPULATION:  5,750 mm

AREA (on):  km2

OIL PEAK:  (forecast)



The beginnings of a permanent decline in year-on-year supplies of oil have been forecasted many times in the past although, in general, oil has been abundant, leading to OPEC restrictive activities to conserve oil and support the price, rather than any concerted conservation policies by non-OPEC countries.


However since only the Arctic, very extreme deep waters, and very heavy oils remain as the only significant providers of potential future supplies, a non-OPEC peak is expected before 2020. These new sources will not be able to offset rapid declines from mature areas in many of the bigger producing countries.


Conversely many opportunities remain to exploit large gas fields in stranded regions using new LNG technologies, floating or otherwise, and horizontal wells into tight sands and shales. Thus steady growth in gas output is expected at least up to 2025.



See the individual regions for a discussion of non-OPEC demand. Energy security and the environment are both beginning to have a profound effect on the longer term policies of enlightened governments.


This is a simple forecast - detailed forecasts including offshore and onshore, deep water splits, sedimentary basins and major fields and drilling etc. can be purchased for most countries.


An onshore and offshore oil and gas production, consumption and drilling activity forecast report on this region can be commissioned,

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