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Two countries in the Americas produce oil and gas from deep waters whilst two others are projected to begin production in the next decade. Together the Americas form the largest producing region.

Eight countries produce deep water oil and/or gas in Africa whilst  three will probably achieve oil production before 2020. Africa is the 2nd largest region and, as new areas are added, it will almost reach the Americas output. Gas output will grow more slowly, still producing less than half that of the Americas in 2020.

In Western Europe Norway began producing gas in 2007 whilst the UK has produced small amounts of oil from deep waters for many years. Italy is likely to begin producing deep water oil and gas soon. In Eastern Europe & the FSU small amounts of oil production may be achieved from Azerbaijan.

In the Asia-Pacific, four countries are currently producing oil and/or gas from deep waters whilst India become a deep water oil and gas producer in 2008. The region will become a much more substantial deep water gas producer almost on a level with Africa. Meanwhile Vietnam and China will almost certainly eventually achieve deep water output from the South China Sea. In the Middle East Israel had a large deep water gas discovery in 2009 and this could come onstream within a decade.


Although it is possible that other countries, such as Gabon, Tanzania, Mozambique, Canada, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey and even Pakistan, Syria and Lebanon (the last three with no current offshore production) will realise deep water oil and especially gas production in the future it is unlikely that this will be achieved within the next decade.


NB: Deep water oil production is shown here without Natural Gas Liquids production as these are not specific to water depths - with processing occurring away from the field.


This is a simple forecast - detailed forecasts including offshore and onshore, deep water splits, sedimentary basins and major fields and drilling etc. can be purchased for most countries.





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