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Onshore and offshore oil production in Asia are near equal. However, whilst onshore oil output has been declining slowly for many years, so offshore oil output has been increasing. After 2009 a short-lived resurgence in onshore production is expected, peaking in 2013. Meanwhile offshore oil output will continue to grow, boosted by new deep water fields, to a peak in 2016.

Asia is a major gas producing region with both onshore and offshore output seeing strong growth to at least 2016, especially as new deep water fields are developed in India.



Slow growth in consumption of oil and gas from 1996 to 2007 has now ceased with oil consumption liable to remain flat until 2017 when decline will begin as high oil prices restrain demand.


Conversely gas consumption is set to consistently grow as the region makes use of its gas wherever it can. Oil imports are steadily reducing whilst gas exports are showing strong growth mostly to satisfy North Asian markets. These trends look set to continue.


This is a simple forecast - detailed forecasts including offshore and onshore, deep water splits, sedimentary basins and major fields and drilling etc. can be purchased for most countries.





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