(in Southern Europe)



AREA (on): 504,800 km2

OIL PEAK: 1983


Onshore oil production in Spain has all but ceased with only very small amounts still being produced from the Ayoluengo field. Offshore output, primarily from the Ebro Delta region in the Mediterranean, has declined but is now expected to remain flat. Spain has few other oil prospects.

Gas production is also very limited or has ceased from onshore and offshore regions, including from the Guadalquivir basin in the southwest and the Bay of Biscay. Some gas will continue to be produced but at very low levels.


Spanish oil consumption rose through to 2005 as its economy exhibited above average growth but has now dipped and is expected to remain flat constrained by the recession and ultimately higher prices for imported oil.

Gas consumption has increased rapidly, albeit slowing in 2008 and 2009, and imports of piped gas are building up from Algeria, to add to gas from Norway, and as LNG from a number of countries but in particular Algeria and Nigeria.





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