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Oil production rates - average unprocessed crude oil at surface temperatures/pressures plus natural gas liquids and processed synthetics from extra-heavy oil and bitumen

Gas production rates - average sales gas at surface temperatures/pressures, not including re-injected, flared or vented gas

Forecast output growth/plateau length/decline rate - rule of thumb based on an actual/assumed production system/expected reservoir performance

Longer term production rates assume development wells drilled and secondary recovery projects implemented as required with no major disruptions to output for fiscal, social, climatic or emergency reasons

Reserves ultimately produced from a field do not necessarily reflect proven reserves of the day, restricted by financial rules



Wells are deemed drilled in year of spudding except for pre-spudded development wells which are drilled in year of re-entry

Development wells - include producers and injectors but do not include appraisal wells converted to development

Sidetrack wells - are only counted if the intent is to acquire new data and/or production

For a few countries the number of historic wells drilled each year is very poorly reported thus tabulated figures may be derived from general rules of thumb

Wells located in lakes and swamps (e.g. Maracaibo) are included in onshore categories



We have no access to confidential information and so cannot confirm that numbers are always accurate

The numbers given are historical estimates and forecasts often based on limited published information

Some historical data are unknown or unobtainable; in these cases numbers have been estimated based on trends and perceived potential

There is no guarantee that estimates or forecasts will prove to be accurate

Longer term forecasts are dependent on success (or failure) which is, by definition, speculative

They may or may not compare with numbers provided by other analysts however it is hoped that they will prove to be the best available at this time



No representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to the completeness, accuracy or fairness of any information

No responsibility is accepted in relation to such information, whether fact, or whether opinion or conclusion that may be drawn

Any decisions based on information provided are the responsibility of the purchaser


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