(in South Asia)


POPULATION: 166,000 mm

AREA (on): 803,900 km2

OIL PEAK: 1991


Pakistan only produces onshore oil and gas, although the country does have potential for offshore gas output in the longer term, potentially from deep waters.

Oil output peaked in 1991 from the Upper and Lower Indus. There is limited potential for new oil fields and it is unlikely that decline will ever be reversed although new technology directed at old fields has slowed it a little.

Pakistan is gas-prone in the Middle Indus and is now a major gas producer. Steady output growth has occurred since commencement of production in 1957 and this is forecast to continue from large existing and new gas fields located mostly in this region.



Pakistani oil consumption is expected to change very little over the next decade after dipping between 2002 and 2006, as it imports most of its oil and the economy of the country is very uncertain.

However gas consumption is increasing in line with production growth as new infrastructure is installed for industrial and residential customers, albeit with significant financing issues. Exports to India are not expected in the next decade.





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