(in Australasia)



AREA (on): 268,700 km2

OIL PEAK: 2009


All of New Zealandís oil and gas production comes from the Taranaki Basin on the west side of North Island, both on and offshore, with the offshore declining Maui field having provided the bulk of New Zealand's hydrocarbons.

Output of both oil and gas have begun to increase again, with oil output showing exceptional increases, as new reserves have been developed at the Maari and Kupe oil fields and at the offshore and onshore Pohokura gas field in the Taranaki basin.

Oil production is likely to fall quite sharply again after 2010 whilst, for gas, after a short plateau period, continued depletion at the Maui field, will not be fully replaced. Gas production will begin to decline again from 2013.



New Zealandís oil consumption increased slowly up to 2005, as the economy expanded with a growing population, but consumption will remain flat for the next few years before decling in 2016. After a brief period of reduced imports they are set to steadily rise again by 2011.

Indigenous gas has driven New Zealand's energy policy since the Maui field came onstream in 1979. Along with a pipeline network that serves industrial and residential consumers, three gas processing plants have been built in North Island.

However, potential shortfalls in gas supply are now forcing the country to examine new energy sources including the import of LNG although, with Pohokura, this will not be required until at least 2014.





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