(in Southeast Asia)



AREA (on): 329,800 km2

OIL PEAK: 2018 (forecast)


Oil and gas production in Malaysia is now entirely offshore from basins east of West Malaysia and north of Sarawak and Sabah. Although shallow water production is near peak, from the many fields found and developed in the 1970s, new output from the deep waters of Sabah, from negotiated joint development areas, and as NGLs, will lead to increasing oil output up to at least 2013.

Gas production, to fuel West Malaysia’s growing industries and increasingly affluent population, as well as for new export capacity at Sarawak’s LNG plant in Bintulu, is increasing. New fields are being developed in all regions and older fields are being exploited more intensively.



Malaysia’s oil consumption has grown rapidly as economic growth in the country has been higher than average for the region and it beneftis from export capacity. Gas consumption is increasing more rapidly for use industrially and residentially as infrastructure is built.

Oil exports will continue to rise to 2013 but will then commence a slow decline. Gas exports peaked in 2009 as the country demands more of its own gas, even importing small volumes from Indonesia whilst it exports value-added LNG to North Asia.





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