(in Southeast Asia)



AREA (on): 1,919,400 km2

OIL PEAK: 1997


As a member of OPEC Indonesia restricted oil production in the 1980s but the country is now past peak and producing as much as it can. This is mostly from onshore Sumatra, and onshore and offshore Java and Kalimantan. The Cebu development onshore Java is expected to briefly arrest decline whilst deep water fields in the Makassar Strait off Kalimantan, is leading to a jump in offshore output. However, over the longer term, continued decline is forecast.

Although flat for the last decade there are still several areas in which gas production can grow. The giant Arun gas field in Sumatra is nearing the end of its life but gas from the Natuna Sea (mostly piped to Singapore), from an LNG plant in Guinea, and from new investment in LNG capacity on Kalimantan and elsewhere, will be sufficient for offshore output to grow.



Oil and gas consumption were both growing strongly in Indonesia as it developed along with other Southeast Asian nations. However, a sharp downturn in oil consumption in 2007 as a result of higher prices, has slowed growth and demonstrated the country's vulnerability to reductions in the capacity of its indigenous production. A return to slow growth is forecast followed by decline after 2015. The country is swinging between a net importer and exporter year to year with the import bill constraining economic growth in a country used to export revenue and cheap oil.

Conversely gas consumption is expected to continue to grow whilst gas exports are also increasing as new LNG capacity comes onstream.





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