(in South America)



AREA (on): 283,600 km2

OIL PEAK: 2019 (forecast)


Ecuadorian oil output was flat for many years prior to 2004, limited by pipeline capacity out of the inland Oriente region where the country’s main oil fields are located. A new line, opened in late 2003, allowed production capacity to build up and it is projected that Ecuador will be able to maintain plateau production for at least a decade. However small declines in 2009 are projected as a result of Ecuador adhering to OPEC output restrictions after Ecuador rejoined OPEC in 2007.

Only small amounts of gas are produced due to lack of pipeline capacity out of the Oriente. Nearly all the country’s marketed gas comes from the Guayaquil basin on Santa Elena peninsula. There is no offshore oil potential here but some gas is produced from one offshore field in the same region. It is forecast that Ecuadorian gas production will grow steadily as infrastructure is installed.



Ecuador saw declines in oil consumption through to 2000 but it is now rising steadily as production grows. Meanwhile exports have declined although they should remain steady after 2010.

Gas consumption is minimal but should increase in line with indigenous gas production.



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