(in Middle East)



AREA (on): 1,648,000 km2

OIL PEAK: 1974


Iran output peaked in 1973 and it seems likely that this will never be surpassed despite the country's turbulent history and its membership of OPEC which have led to periods of restricted oil output since the late 1970s. From 2003 up to mid 2008 it was probably producing as much as it could although some restrictions have occurred since then.

Onshore fields are struggling to maintain production rates whilst new investment in these and new fields is slow to be introduced. Offshore production is increasing both as a result of foreign investment and new liquids production from South Pars.

Iran has very large gas resources and output is expected to climb rapidly, especially from the giant South Pars gas field, albeit with projects repeatedly delayed. Substantial quantities of gas are being used for injection to support oil production rates.



Iranian oil consumption has risen consistently since 1999 as the economy has improved on the back of higher oil prices, although exports have risen only marginally. After a drop in exports through 2009 they should pick up again to former levels for a period before declining again after 2016.

Gas consumption has been steadily increasing since 1996, with the country even importing some gas from Turkmenistan whilst it exports to Turkey. Significant exports of gas may soon begin by 2014 firstly to meet Turkish demand and later directed through planned regional pipelines and an LNG plant accessing gas from South Pars.



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