(in West Africa)



AREA (on): 475,400 km2

OIL PEAK: 1985


Cameroon has a small offshore area because it does not own Bioko Island, in the deep water extension of its rift basins – Rio del Rey and Douala. Some oil production comes from shallow waters in Rio del Rey and gas reserves have been found in both areas.

The country’s northern Rio del Rey basin, overlain by part of the distal Niger delta, is well explored. Several fields were discovered in the 1970s, with the Kole field producing Cameroon’s first offshore oil in 1977. In the early 1980s additional exploration found small oil and gas/condensate fields but since 1986 production has declined.

The first discovery in the Douala basin was onshore in 1954 but no significant production has been achieved here. Several large gas condensate fields were discovered offshore near Kribi from 1979 in southern Douala. There may be potential for additional finds comparable to Equatorial Guinea. Modest amounts of deep water oil and condensate production may be realised after 2012.

Cameroon has extensive associated and non-associated gas prospects. It is re-injecting or flaring all of its produced gas after liquids recovery bit some gas will be marketed in 2009 in Cameroon’s growing industries with considerable growth then expected.



Cameroon oil consumption has been flat whilst oil exports declined each year. Exports will pick up a little over the next few years allowing consumption levels to be maintained.

Gas use should begin in 2009, substituting for oil wherever possible, as a gas infrastructure is built in the country or sent to Equatorial Guinea for conversion into LNG.



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