ENERGYFILES was created at the turn of the millennium to cater for the forecasting needs of the international energy industry, energy-using organisations and energy departments of governments as the world enters a new energy age.


It specialises in providing independent forecasts of oil and gas production, consumption and activity using geoscientific, engineering and economic methods.


Our mission is to provide reliable, low-cost historic and forecast energy information and data, for researching new venture opportunities, for predicting future energy conditions, for mitigating environmental concerns and for determining investment strategies.



Comments from users:

"..the best source of oil presentation material around"

"The well number data are just what we need."

"Nicely presented and easy to use."

"The country forecasts are extremely helpful."

"A very convenient source."








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The website shows simple supply forecasts. Detailed forecasts including offshore and onshore, deep water splits, sedimentary basins, major fields and drilling etc. can be purchased for most countries.


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